Digital Signage


In 2016-Q4 Image Genesis launched a digital signage service that became it's own company SygnalWorks. The goal of creating this was to focus solely on the digital signage world and give our customers a simple platform to utilize the medium. SygnalWorks has since been used in over 50 businesses - small and large - and is growing every year. If digital signage is what you think you need, call (859) 525-6978 or contact us to set up a time for a demonstration.

Moving beyond the traditional and even the virtual is the key to a our new areas of focus –Digital Signage. Now you can communicate with your audiences with attractive and eye-catching displays that can engage them in ways that were once flat and boring.

"Narrowcasting" allow you to create new messages and deliver them through the cloud to single or multiple large panel monitors and provide fresh content that can even be automated using RSS and XML. This information can be specific to your company such as special events and promotional sales or even regionalized information such as sports scores, stocks and weather.

Using customized templates designed in Photoshop that you can create yourself you can extend the configurability and creativity within your messaging. Or you could simply have us create the templates and you can control the content. The
flexibility is what allows this solution to be so attractive.

What can it be used for?

ANYTHING! Digital Signage makes it very easy you to communicate with your audience and they in-turn can interact with you and their surroundings. Take these examples:

  • VIP Welcome boards - do have a important client visiting your office? Highlight their importance with a high definition welcome message that includes their logo, products, or a special message from your CEO (we've come a long way since those 1950's letterboards and 1970's red-dot message tickers!).
  • Waiting Room - doctors, dentists and others in the medical profession can shorten percieved wait time with messages about healthy habit tips or trivia to minimize boredom and anxiety
  • Corporate Communications - Internal communications such as mass emails and corporate intranet are competing for attention once employes get to their computers, but important messages via digital signage already grabbed their attention as they walked into the office.
  • Menuboards - does your eatery have a menu that changes daily? Highlight that uniqueness with high-tech "sandwich boards""where you can adjust the menu or pricing, and even include a photo of today's special.
  • Safety - grab the attention of those nearby to warn them of potential safety hazards in the workplace
  • Breakroom messaging - HR can communicate with employees to notify them of workplace rule changes, open enrollment reminders, even special internal advancement opportunities
  • Wayfinding - assist visitors to your location with interactive displays that they can search for and find meeting rooms, tradeshow booths, or themselves!
  • Event Management - for tradeshows or corporate seminars digital signage can help guide visitor to the right conference room and help them maximize there visit
  • Visual paging - display emergency alerts, lost item notification, lost children identification, and other important information replacing repetitive and disruptive verbal announcements
  • Virtual Concierge - hotels can allow guests to find museums, restaurants, sporting event and attractions on their own.

Green and sustainable

Not only is digital signage dynamic and attractive, it's actually environmentally friendly. When using highly efficient LED monitors - which use very little electricity (kw/h) - the cost savings in paper, fuel (transportation), water and other factors, makes digital signage a much more sustainable product than traditional ink and paper signage.

For example – a 50" LED flat-panel consumes approximately 55 watts. If left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long it would only cost $52.99. †

† Sony 50" LED Flat Panel (Model KDL50R 450A):
55 Watts × 24 hours/day × 365 days/year ÷ 1000 = 482 kWh : 482 kWh × 11 cents/kWh = $52.99/year