Image Genesis is now SygnalWorks


Long story short

Image Genesis was the brainchild of Greg Corwin, who in the mid-90's started a photography studio and online stock photography agency.

Image + Genesis = creation of beautiful imagery

That made a lot of sense, until it didn't.† Image Genesis transformed into web development company during the dot-com boom and we just kept the name.

Technology changes…

Over time we kept up with technology and the trends toward other mediums. Suddenly the name didn't really fit the services we were building and we thought it was time to for us to shift as well. "SygnalWorks" started off as a service we were calling our Digital Signage platform. It was new, it was hip, it really defined who we were becoming. So we pulled the trigger; and now Image Genesis is SygnalWorks LLC.

†Fun Fact – So another reason we decided to pull the trigger on a name change is that there is another company in Northern KY that has "Genesis" in their company name. Every once in a while they make national news and when that happens we get all kinds of phone calls telling us how much we really suck or how proud they are that we built a museum or Ark or something.

That got a little old and made the decision easier…

Questions? You can still reach us at or (859) 525-6978